«Directly from the olive farmer, who puts his name behind the product». This argument not only convinces our chefs when using the fine olive oils in the kitchen, but also the employees when buying the bottles for consumption at home.

A truly sustainable concept which, thanks to the very good support provided by the Amfora team, has a firm place with us in terms of the environment and social justice.»
Walter Knup, Head of Hospitality
Psychiatric University Hospital, Zurich
OULDAMMAR - EN “We love Amfora because of the great quality, the access to artisanal production and respect for the ancestral heritage of the farmers” Yassine Ouldammar, Manager and Head Chef
Restaurant Zai Zai, Genf
KIEFER - EN «What I really appreciate is our personal contact and the very good quality of these oils. Of course, I think the best thing about it is the fair payment of the farmers, as well as the sustainability. Even more so now. It hits the nerve of our times.” Markus Kiefer, Operational Production Manager
Pure Foods AG, Zürich