Amfora only sells fresh, seasonal products. If there is a fresher or better alternative for a product, we stop selling it.

We select the best farmers, the best terroirs, the best taste and the best olive oil composition Our extra virgin olive oils are only pressed from the freshest fruits and obtained exclusively using mechanical processes. Our olive oils are never blended and come from a single producer or cooperative.


Olive oil is incredibly healthy and tasty, but it slowly gets worse over time.

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Storing it badly makes it lose taste and goodness much faster. We store it away from light and heat and make sure we only sell you the latest harvest.

Certified Origin

Sadly, some olive oils are mislabeled. Not ours!

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We know the who, how and where of all our oils. We do full chemical and taste analyses - and we tell you everything. You never have to doubt the origin of an Amfora olive oil.

Fully Sustainable

Amfora olive oils are fully traceable direct to the producer.

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Amfora customers get the most traceable, best quality olive oil, but also the most natural, soil-friendly too, free from chemicals and harmful practices All our farmers are on the journey to fully regenerative agriculture. Together with our farmers, you’re part of the revolution.
Your Choice, Your Farmer

There is a whole world of olive oil, but most vendors sell only one or two sorts.

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We offer a range of regions, varieties, terroirs, and flavour profiles that you select to match the way you cook, and the expertise to explain. We can even arrange exclusives of small batch farmers; your oil, and non-one else’s. Call us for a tasting.

Taste our extra virgin olive oils

Extra virgin olive oils (EVOOs) always taste best fresh.

Taste our different flavour profiles and learn how your kitchen can benefit from high-quality EVOOs at attractive prices. Amfora serves a wide range of customers – from upscale gastronomy to hospitals, nursing homes, catering companies and foundations. We deliver our olive oil in 17L (some in 5L) canisters with a hand pump for decanting. Bottled by the producer on site – with the most direct route to your kitchen.

Delivery conditions
Greater Zurich & Geneva area – weekly delivery, no minimum order quantity
Throughout Switzerland – to be agreed

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